Dom DeMarco's

Best Pizza in Summerlin

As the best pizza in Summerlin, we are the Best of Las Vegas four years in a row. As we carry on the tradition passed down from Domenico DeMarco himself, we are thankful for the community support.

Dom DeMarco himself, a revered institution in the world of pizza, has secured an illustrious reputation. Our location bearing his name has become a paramount destination for pizza enthusiasts in Summerlin. Located amidst the bustling culinary landscape, our pizzeria has solidified its place as an unparalleled haven for pizza aficionados.

Upon entering, patrons are greeted by the tantalizing aroma of bubbling tomato sauce and freshly baked dough. Hinting at the culinary masterpiece awaiting them, it’s ana amazing experience. What sets Dom DeMarco’s apart is its simplicity and dedication to using the finest quality ingredients. From meticulously selected tomatoes to creamy mozzarella, we choose every component to uphold the legacy of genuine Italian flavors.

The hallmark of our pizza lies in the crust—an ethereal balance of thinness and chewiness achieved through a slow fermentation process. Cooked in our rotating oven, the crust emerges with a blistered, slightly charred exterior, encasing a tender, flavorful interior.

The ambiance at Dom DeMarco’s exudes a timeless charm, with an inviting, atmosphere that complements the focus of the pizza itself.

For pizza enthusiasts seeking an authentic pizza experience in Summerlin, Dom DeMarco’s remains an unparalleled choice. With its unwavering dedication to tradition, commitment to quality, and the soulful execution of each pie, we are more than a pizzeria; we are an homage to the art of pizza-making.

In all, when you want the best pizza in Summerlin, come taste the quality at Dom DeMarco’s.

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