Dom DeMarco's

Best Las Vegas Happy Hour

Being named Best Las Vegas Happy Hour is an honor. We are renowned for an exceptional happy hour, a culmination of various factors that make it a standout experience.

Firstly, the cornerstone of any great happy hour is the deals offered on drinks and food. Dom DeMarco’s presents an enticing array of discounts on beverages, from cocktails to beers. Alongside a selection of our delectable pizzas and appetizers, our Happy Hour is a can’t miss.

Every weekday at Dom’s from 2pm – 6pm. Join us for Happy Hour with our great $10 food menu and 50% off well drinks, and all wines by the glass. Plus, all beers are only $5.

Our Happiest of Happy Hours are every weekday from 2pm – 4pm, when all pizzas and select wines by the bottle are 50% off.

This combination of affordability and quality creates a significant draw for patrons looking to unwind after a long day. Come kick off an evening with friends at Dom’s.

Beyond the offerings, the atmosphere of Dom DeMarco’s during happy hour plays a pivotal role. The ambiance is lively, creating an inviting space where patrons can relax and socialize. Whether it’s through a well-curated playlist, or simply our welcoming staff, the overall vibe contributes significantly to why we are considered the Best of Las Vegas.

Ultimately, what sets Dom DeMarco’s apart could be the seamless integration of great deals, a vibrant atmosphere, attentive staff, and, of course, delicious pizzas. Therefore, the combination of these factors creates an unparalleled happy hour experience. We have the best Happy Hour in Las Vegas and we want to prove it to you.

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